Vacation – Day 0!

Finally, I’m free!

After so long…

Really, I was feeling like I was cutting it close, barely making it out of my work week with my sanity unscathed. Well. I guess that’s debatable. Last week I was kinda losing it already and this week my demeanor was oscillating wildly, at least how I felt.

But it’s over for eight days, yaaaaay!

Goals for this vacation:

Draw lots. Forever drawing.

Read lots. Get caught up on reading stuff I wanted to read for awhile.

Practice Japanese. I have a lot of books now (that will be another post…)

Blog lots here. At least once a day (to resume at least weekly after vacation.)

Listen to all the Japanese CDs I got recently that I haven’t been able to listen to due to time and not having a quiet spot alone except for sleep. This goes for my concert Blurays, too.

Work on past NaNos. I am NOT participating this year, but I can at least work on unfinished stuff from the past so as not to go rusty. Even though I already am, darn.

Play some video games! Especially Pokemon! The new games come out in two weeks, but I can’t wait to play. Pokemon heals my mind, like it did in college.

Try to get back on a healthier routine, as far as sleeping, staying hydrated, and exercising. Quite a few times I’ve skipped on my vitamins and my medicine, and my health paid the price and caused more stress. Yup, constipation farts are absolutely racid. And random dizziness is no fun.

Coloring! Both my own drawings THAT I AM GOING TO DO THIS TIME TORI YES YOU WILL and coloring pages in books and printouts for relaxation.


And now here’s a picture of my baby, my darling puppers Mr. Bilbos (okay, it’s Bilbo, but Mr. Bilbos sounds super cute.)


It started to get cold outside last weekend (today was hot, though!), so I figured he needed something to shield him from the sudden change, especially since he enjoys playing outside so much~


This face makes eating around him pitiful. See, he’s even resting his head on his turkey! I’m so sorry, dude, I can’t share everything with you, that would be bad for you! ;_;


“What you mean bad? Food good! Bilbo smell. Bilbo eats!”

“It’s all gone? Don’t worry. Bilbo will lick inside human mouth to has flavor!”

“What nose squish for? Bilbo cute. Love me!”

*rolls over and brandishes belly*

I swear, Bilbo…

My little fur nugget~

And speaking of food!


I got a variety pack of these Japanese snacks called Umaibo, or Tasty Snack (about as original as some of the original Japanese Pokemon names… like Ghost, i.e. Gastly.)

Why, you ask? Because I’m pathetic and allow my idol hobby to influence my purchasing decisions on a regular basis, that’s why! 😀

There’s nearly a dozen different flavors, so I’m going to try one everyday.

Yesterday, I first tried the above: Takoyaki flavor. Battered octopus, always wanted some (I love calamari, so it’s not that big a stretch.) I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t exotic tasting at all. It reminded me of a pizza sauce with a slight fish taste. Not bad! Not exotic enough to keep ordering more constantly, but it seems like a good treat for every so often.


Today I had Mentai, or Pollock roe flavor. The roe is the mass of eggs in a fish’s ovaries, apparently. I thought for sure this would taste weird!

But nope. It had a slight spicy taste, due to the paprika on the ingredients list. There was another flavor, not a bad one, I couldn’t really compare anything to. I guess that was the roe flavor. It just kind of had a savory taste, and like the takoyaki, the taste stays with you for awhile. Which was a good thing, as they both tasted good!

Notice how it looks like a gigantic Cheeto…


But hollow, like a fat straw. It had a soft but crispy consistency, definitely an advantage when trying possibly foreign flavors. Soft, squishy textures could possibly turn this into a gross experience (which I think is the main reason some Westerners are wary of less popular seafoods…)

So far, so good!

Tomorrow will bring peace, another Umaibo, and hopefully some pictures of artwork?!!



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